Looks with draped skirt for all occasions

This garment is feminine, comfortable and super versatile; see combinations.

Few clothes are more delicate than a skirt. As part of women’s wardrobe for centuries, the skirts have already been made of heavy and super structured fabrics, even with wires creating a kind of “skeleton” for the garment. As time went by, the skirts could become lighter, shorter and cooler.

Nowadays, there are several models, with many different tailorings, fabrics and details. Most of them can be found in a fashion store of your choice, which makes it easier than ever to create beautiful looks in your style.

One of the most famous types currently is the draped skirt, characterized by the draped (“folded”) effect in the fabric, whether on the front, back or side of the garment. Sensual and mysterious, the draped skirt can be used in many combinations, creating outfits for all occasions.

Do you like this type of skirt but still don’t know how to combine it and use it in everyday life? Check out some options for social situations.

School or college

Studying is an important part of the routine of girls and young women and, for most of them, a casual, cool and comfortable look is the perfect choice to the moment. Thus, midi cotton draped skirts must be on student’s closets. The midi model, with the frontal drape, is amazing in dark colors, like black, gray and navy blue, or bright colors, such as pink, green, red and orange.

You can match the skirt with a white t-shirt, with or without prints and details, and a good pair of sneakers. Accessories, like necklaces, sunglasses and wristwatches are welcome. A backpack completes the look, not only to carry the material but also to bring a fresh and young air to the outfit.

Picnics and sidewalks

Draped skirts are great companies for outings in general, especially on sunny and warm afternoons. Just like in the previous topic, you can combine the garment with other clothes to create casual and fresh looks.

Bet on a draped skirt in dark or bright colors, to avoid smudges; crop tops or t-shirts; and sandals, espadrilles, or sneakers on the feet. The length can be short or midi, according to the activities that you will do (sit/stand, run, dance, etc).

Museums, libraries and shows

Who does not like cultural situations? Art exhibitions, shows, festivals, libraries and many others are not only great occasions to learn and have fun but also to show our style. This kind of occasion allows polished, yet cool outfits.

On sunny days, bet on a long draped skirt with a tight turtleneck blouse without sleeves and a pair of espadrilles — elevated and spontaneous. If the day is cold, how about a black midi draped skirt with a fleece sweatshirt, a pantyhose and a pair of boots? Bet on elegant accessories, earrings, necklaces and wristwatches to complete the look.

Dinner with friends

Going to a nice and funny dinner with some friends? With a draped skirt you can create a casual and elegant look effortlessly. Match the skirt with a light and fluid blouse and a pair of short heels. A denim jacket and a shoulder will complete the combination and make you look like a fashion icon.

Romantic date

Since the draped skirt has a sensual modeling, which enriches the feminine curves, the garment is the sure bet for a romantic date — whether it is in a restaurant, bar, or even at your mate’s house. Match it with a pair of heels, a feminine blouse with ruffles or puffy sleeves and a small handbag. You surely will amaze your mate with this feminine, delicate and mysterious look.

Weekend at the beach

A draped skirt can go along even in your vacation, holidays and weekends at the beach. The short or midi models are great for when you’re out at the beach or pool and need to get dressed for lunch.

Models in viscose, cotton and other light fabrics are the best option, as they dry quickly and look great in bikinis and swimsuits. Match the skirt in bright colors with your swimsuit or a fresh top and complete the look with cool sandals.

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